*Live Testing SDK in Private Test Group
*Private Round Fundraising
*InterMiami Contract Signing

*Crypto Marketing
*Expand Testing to InterMiami Fan Group
*Begin Integration of InterMiami Application with Loyalty SDK
*Public SDK Launch – Solitaire and MannaWars Released in iOS app-store and APK for public use (Live with Atomic Gaming (multi-currency) and Cash Gameplay)

*Continue Integration Process with InterMiami Application and Loyalty SDK
*Continue Crypto Marketing
*Begin InterMiami Full-Blown Marketing Campaign (promoting the app) with access to training facilities, family and friends

*InterMiami/David Beckham Announcement in January
*Begin InterMiami Loyalty Application Testing with InterMiami fans and Private Test Group
*Onboard New Sponsors for Prize Activation
*Public Marketing Campaign

*Final Testing and Adjustments of Loyalty Application to Prep for Launch
*Main Event Launch at InterMiami – unveiling of Loyalty Application to fans and public
*Heavy Marketing push by InterMiami to promote Loyalty Application